age or reality?

Okay, still recording my 20 years old boyfriend.
We've been together since 27th of June, second day of raya. I can feel that his love towards are limitless! But i started to feel my passion is getting lesser and focus back to myself.
I still love him. Just i need to focus on my own, my career and future.
I need money for my future, my first house and my dream.
Im thinking what should i do to achieve them.
My baby boy is young. He has plenty of time and ideas.
Yet his baby is getting older and has a pushy family.
I know everyone will have their own timeline, why should we follow or copy the rest.
I know a lot of examples like Colonel Kentucky, Jack Ma and etc
But I couldn't do so? Or I refuse to admit how weak I am and how stupid i am?
Anyway, i still have a lot to do and learn
I must focus on myself, forget my age and strive for the best!
Though no one know my real age from my face and body! Lol


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